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My name is Christopher Banks. I am a biblical scholar and former worship pastor, residing in the beautiful state of Kentucky. I have a passion for rectifying the misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and falsehoods permeating the professing church, and doctrines that are presented today as truth, yet foreign to antiquity through the ancient view of the biblical writers.

When I came to Christ in December of 2003, I began to pursue biblical studies, and quickly found myself in the middle of a war within, because what I was seeing in my Bible was often not what I was hearing/ seeing in churches. I became very inquisitive, and posed many questions to my more experienced peers. The answers I received only posed more questions, and more frustration due to contextually uninformed, and at times unintelligent explanations. What I learned over time was that men filter what they read in their Bible through their traditions, upbringing, and the doctrinal biases of their denominations. So I set out on a journey to rid myself of modern thinking, and to delve deeper into the mind of the authors of the scripture itself, through study of ancient cultural context and learning the ancient Hebrew language. Things I will publish here are not exhaustive, but intended to challenge the status quo and hopefully stir others to put their church reerdom to the scrutinity of proper biblical context, ancient culture, and their languages: Biblical Hebrew/Greek.